The Chaplaincy Council is elected by the members of the congregation throughout the Chaplaincy.

Current Members

  • Anil Kumar Chari – Lay Chair (St Martin’s)
  • Elizabeth Hackford – Deputy Lay Chair (Holy Trinity)
  • Isaac Tharao – Treasurer (Holy Trinity)
  • Suryakumar Adams – Secretary (St Martins)
  • Trini Jacobs (Holy Trinity)
  • Richard Pearl (Holy Trinity)
  • John Thomas (Holy Trinity)
  • Sanjeev Bhonsle (St Martins)
  • Mohan Gojer (St Martins)
  • Carrie Shank (Christ Church)
  • Nick Truscott (Christ Church)
  • John Pavamani (St Lukes)

The Senior Chaplain and Chaplains of the churches are also members of the Council.