Mission to Seafarers

Loneliness, danger and separation from loved ones are just some of the problems seafarers face. Around the world, night and day, The Mission to Seafarers provides help and support to those in need. As a Christian agency, we work in more than 230 ports caring for the practical and spiritual welfare of seafarers of all nationalities and faiths.

Through our global network of chaplains, staff and volunteers we reach out to seafarers by visiting them on their ships, offering them the hand of welcome and friendship, and caring for them in their hour of need. In over 100 ports we also run centres which provide ‘a home away from home’. These are places where seafarers can contact their loved ones from whom they are separated for months on end, receive assistance with any problems they may be facing and get a break from their demanding way of life onboard ship.

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The Flying Angel

The Flying Angel is the first purpose built seafarers support vessel in the world. She goes out in to the Fujairah Anchorage everyday during daylight hours and brings the thousands of seafarers out there a small taste of home. They can step off their ships, sometimes for the first time in many months, and call home, send an email, look at pictures of family and friends on the internet, read a newspaper, buy a souvenir from the our small shop or take a book from our free library. On average she welcomes aboard 75 seafarers a day which means since her work began in 2007, over 80,000 seafarers benefitted from her operations.