Ruwan Palapathwala

Reverend Dr Ruwan Palapathwala has ministered in churches and also taught in Theological Colleges and Universities in New Zealand and Australia for the last twenty years. He is an active member of many international interfaith dialogue networks and has delivered academic papers, talks and lectures at international conferences, national and community events on interfaith matters.

Prior to his appointment as Senior Chaplain, Dr Palapathwala was Parish Priest of St Alban, North Melbourne, Australia; the Senior Chaplain of RMIT University, Melbourne; Lecturer in World Religions and Pastoral Theology and Research Associate at Melbourne College of Divinity and Trinity College, the University of Melbourne; and Director of the Centre for Social Inquiry Religion and Interfaith Dialogue, Melbourne.

He has published over sixty scholarly essays for academic journals and books and also articles for magazines and papers for wider readership on pastoral theology, interfaith dialogue, globalization, the intertextuality of the Holy Books, suffering, ageing and spirituality in later life. He holds Masters Degrees in Philosophical Theology and Adult Education Theory and PhD in Religious Studies, Theology and Education.

Dr Palapathwala is committed to understanding and exploring the missional vocation of the church in the 21st century in the midst of globalisation, religious pluralism and technological cyber-culture, and empowering God’s people through teaching, caring, and worship to live meaningfully and bear witness to our discipleship in Jesus Christ.

Dr Palapathwala and his wife Mary have two children at university, their son Ruwanmal and their daughter Eshara.